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Trent University hosting women's conference to help leaders improve skills in Peterborough

By Jessica Nyznik, The Peterborough Examiner

Monday, May 1, 2017 2:57:06 EDT PM

The Women in Leadership and Business Conference is happening May 28 and 29.

It's open to women who're at any stage of their career in leadership roles, such as managers, business owners or entrepreneurs.

The two-day conference includes keynote speakers, workshops, discussion panels, laboratory work groups, and an afternoon of outdoor adventure.

Speakers are from a variety of industries such as government, finance, insurance, technology, coaching, education, theatre, and professional sports.

They're chosen on content first and industry second, said Tammy Sweeney, CEO of Women in Leadership and Business Conference.

"When they have the right content and the right message and the right ability to connect with a group, regardless of the industry they're in, than they're a good fit for the conference," Sweeney said.

Speakers include Trent alumni Rann Sharma, Mary Bean and Krista Scaldwell, and Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt, a paralympian, Jennine Profeta, a Second City instructor, and Connie Bonello, associate partner at IBM.

Topics that will be covered throughout the two days include personal power, inclusiveness, diversity and accessibility, leveraging your inner brilliance, being heard, and the confidence gap.

Sweeney said women will leave the conference with a network of connections from a diverse group of people.

"They can connect with other leaders and really up their game," she said.

Women will also leave with a sense of their voice and power that they didn't realize that they had.

"We help remind people that you are a powerful leader. You can chose to have an impact and you just have to let that voice out."

The conference also incorporates the Born2Lead Youth Leadership Conference. It's a national daylong symposium for young leaders aged 16 to 26. By combining the two conferences, younger leaders are able to engage with senior leaders while also taking part in some of the same activities.

To register for the Women in Leadership and Business Conference or for a list of pricing, go to www.peterborough.wilbconference.com

Trent alumni interested in attending the conference can get a discounted rate by emailing the Alumni Affairs office at alumni@trentu.ca.

NOTE: Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt is her full, legal name.